July 13, 2017

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The Value of Data

July 13, 2017

In the 21st century we have made a lot of progress towards a paperless office.


In some ways it almost wasn’t intentional, things, processes, documentation, information, contact details, accounting data and more is all stored on servers, whether kicking around under someones desk, in a room in part of the office, in a dedicated data/comms room in the business or on a cloud server where you have no idea which country your data is actually in! All this information is stored as bits and bytes rather than flattened out, bleached, thin carbon from trees.

So, in the past, what happened when there was a fire?


In my view there were 3 possible scenarios.

  • The business went to its offsite copy of those documents and retrieved them

  • The offsite copy was partially faded and some productivity is lost

  • The business folded because all was lost


What’s different today? Not much…

You have data on usb sticks, computers, tablets, phones, servers, backup hard drives, cloud servers. What happens if one or more of these burn, are unreadable/corrupt or get locked by a crypto virus?... I refer you to the three options above.


Your data is backed up is it? This begs the question, when was the last test restore? Did it succeed? If not has something been put in place to ensure it succeeds next time?

A test restore schedule and a test environment is essential in my opinion, these are the best insurance policies your business can have to survive the pending onslaught of malware and viruses.


Further to this I believe cloud solutions are only as good as the people administering the servers that run your cloud, you should back these up somewhere else (another cloud?) or even back to your own site!


Assume that it can all be lost, so have it all somewhere else.

Imagine if the Great Library of Alexandria had copies of all its books in another library far away before the fire! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_of_Alexandria


Can you put a value on all of the data your business needs to operate? Does that number scare you, it should..............Buy that insurance policy!






























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